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A Day in the Park

A Day in the Park is this weekend! Here is a list of things you need to know, but if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to email and ask away!

Forest Community Park
13900 South Harrell's Ferry Road ​
We will be set up at "Pavilion 2", which is fairly easy to find. Enter through the main entrance, take a left at the first roundabout (by the playground), and then a right at the second roundabout (by the tennis courts). We are past the fishing pond in the back corner of the parking lot. If all else fails, just follow your nose. You can come and hang out at any point after 10am.

Just like the past few years, we will have ​crawfish ($5 per person) and jambalaya​ ready between 12 and 1:00. There is usually plenty of food, so come hungry! We will provide water and lemonade, but feel free to bring your own soft drinks if you like. And, if you want to add something to the dessert table, that would be great!

One thing to keep in mind is that this park is more spread out than City Park, where we have the Easter Egg Hunt. Due to our expected number of people, we will be cooking and eating in the back pavilion, but there are plenty of options​ within walking distance (or driving, if you prefer).

Softball​ -- There are 3 baseball fields at the park, but no organized plan at the moment. If anyone wants to take charge and pick a time, email the staff and we can spread the word.

Green Space -- there is a large space near our pavilion if anyone wants to throw the frisbee or head up a game of ultimate.

Playground & Splash Pad

Fishing Pond -- it's catch & release, and is close to where we are setting up​.

-- Money for crawfish
-- Dessert (if you want to)
-- Blankets or camping chairs to sit on
-- Sports/fishing equipment
-- Friends!

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